Become an Affiliate


I’m thrilled you are interested in being an affiliate for AIP Batch Cook!

Affiliates will earn 30% of every sale they make, as well as 30% of any upgrades a customer makes when purchasing add-on sessions in the future.

Affiliate commissions are paid through Clickbank through either check or direct deposit according to their policies and your preferences (

In order to join the program, you first need to sign up for an account with Clickbank:

Once you sign up, you must email me (autoimmunepaleo at gmail dot com) with your Clickbank ID in order to have your account whitelisted. You will not be able to use your link until I have approved your ID. 

To create your link, use the affiliate nickname you used in registration (“xxxxx”) and insert it into the following link:

This is the link that you will use to promote the program, giving you credit for any sales within 60 days of clicking on your link.

Clickbank has some helpful information about becoming an affiliate here:

Please contact the team at autoimmunepaleo at gmail dot com with any questions about the affiliate program, to request a trial membership, or for access to promotional materials.

NOTE: It has come to my attention that links are not compatible with Clickbank’s tracking system. Make sure not to use them in your promotions!

Thank you!